Sorry, we have to cancel the fesival this year, see you on 2021

Due to the COVID – 19, for the safety purpose, we have to cancel the festival his year, see you next year!

Music Maters of The SPSV Music Festival

The SPSV Music Festival invites music masters from Europe, the US and China to bring you a marvellous feast of music featuring a diversity of cultural backgrounds. The festival will serve as a sharing platform for Chinese and Western performing arts and instruments studies. You are only one step away from meeting our master musicians face to face and learning from them the performing techniques and unique understanding of Chinese and Western music.

Piano Professor at Mannes School of Music
Cello Professor at Oberlin Conservatory of Music
Violin Professor at Yale School of Music
Voice Professor at Peabody Institute of Music
Piano Professor at Suzhou University School of Music
Piano Professor at Millikin University School of Music
Viola Soloist in the US

The Silk Road· The Sound of Piano, Strings, Winds & Voice Music Festival

The SPSV Music Festival offers you an exclusive opportunity to learn from the very best of the music world, to enjoy the pleasure of communication with students from all over the world.This summer, learn with famous professors and musicians worldwide to broaden your music horizon and help you generate new ideas in your music journey.

Music is a universal language that we use to express our thoughts in various ways. The SPSV Music Festival is dedicated to building a high-end international music event in China and building a larger platform for students and musicians. Global recruitment of students is now initiated!

A Top-of-the-World Music Event,
An Unforgettable Classical Music Concert,
Only One Click Away