The Silk Road· The Sound of Piano, Strings Winds & Voice Music Festival

At the time of China’s vigorous promotion of the“One Belt and One Road Initiative”, the music festival is brought together through joint efforts of world-renowned performing artists from the United States, Europe and China, who each contribute a piece of the cultural traits of the countries along the Silk Road to the festival, so as to enhance the musicianship of music talents and strengthen people’s music perception. Meanwhile, it creates a precious chance to create an artistic atmosphere for young music lovers in Europe, the US and China to get engaged in music performance to get a touch of professional music instruments playing skills, and to peek into how music is taught and learned in Europe, the US and China. Get yourselves ready for wonderful instrumental performances and beautiful melodies in Xi’an this summer. Learning from the world famous musicians will help you shape new thoughts and broaden your musical horizon on the way to become a great master. We expect to spend this wonderful summer time with you to enjoy the charms of music. Come and join our fantastic international music festival! 

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Welcome to join our music lovers at the festival, where we enjoy imrovement, harvest friendship and share resources. If you have any questions, our music classroom teachers will be there to answer your questions.

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